Social Contract Theory in Relation to The Grapes of Wrath

De Social Contract TheorySocial Contract Theory is the examinesation of moral and social obligations that are felt by people that help people form an organized and just societiesy. Philosophers have differed in their explanation of this social contract. In his In his early Platonic dialogue, Crito, Socrates Socrates argues compellinglymakes compelling statements arg uing whythat he needsmust to serve his full prison sentence, in order to fulfill his contract. He must obey Socrates’ need to obey these laws and fulfill this contract stems from his idea that the laws of the land because they created his entire way of life and existence., and are the reason for his existence in the first place. Thinkers and philosophers of the Enlightenment- era thinkers—Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau—discussed the State of Nature, describing life before any a theory explaining life before any social contract. They argued that people had only one interest, to protect private property. Humans would only pursue things in their own self-interest, and had the ability to reason in order to pursue used reason to pursue their self-interest.their desires efficiently. The modern ideas of Rawls brought new light to State of Nature with Original Position and the Veil of Ignorance, theories that changing how e the way we view others in our society. Meanwhile, Gauthier backs Hobbes’ arguments, stating morality can be established without the use of coercion­­­––meaning the or the external authority of a government influencing the actions of individuals. This was is only possible via the Locke’s Law of Nature:, which states that humans may not harm each other because all are created equally. This forces people to cooperate and under new circumstances, because human rationality leads to decisions that keeps order within society.

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