Senior Goodbye Letter

In about a week, we will no longer be high school students, but instead we will be high school graduates and soon enough, college students. So as we longingly await May 21st, I will proceed with my final speech assignment about one of our very own classmates, Nicole Hentsch. I have known Nicole since 5th grade, when all the elementary schools combined at Larry Miller Intermediate School. I did not know Nicole very well at all, but I always thought of her as a very nice girl. Then, we moved on to middle school together.

Still, I did not know Nicole very well at all, but I always thought of her as a very nice girl. Then, we moved on to high school together where I still did not know Nicole very well at all, until my senior year. It’s sad to think that I’ve gone to school with Nicole for about eight years now and I had never really gotten to know her until now. We have had several classes together this year such as art III, government, lunch, independent art, and this class, of course. I have learned that Nicole is such a nice, sweet person and overall I am more than glad to have ever known her.

Her friends even said that she is the nicest person they’ve ever known and they know that they can trust her with anything. I have gotten to know Nicole a lot this year, but I learned a lot more after our interview. Having had two art classes together, I was able to see that Nicole is truly a great artist. She has excelled at painting, pencil sketching, colored pencil sketching, sculpture work, and much more. Nicole even plans to attend Kent State University and major in art education. She looks up to our art teacher, Mrs. Kennedy, and she hopes to teach high school art just like her.

She also would like to teach army based kids, which I think is an awesome goal. Not only is Nicole artistically talented, but she has also achieved many great things throughout high school and has made good aspirations for herself. Nicole is a very involved and motivated student. She participates in band, marching band, pep band, woodwind choir, and percussion ensemble. She plays the flute and she is a co-section leader in marching band. She also used to be in choir, and she plays guitar in her free time. This year she has accomplished many of her goals.

She received her driver’s license, her very own car, and a job at Sheetz, which is fantastic because those are all things that she has been longing to acquire. Once she becomes an art teacher, Nicole plans to get married and have three kids. She hopes to become just like her mother, a completely selfless person, and be better than her siblings for her mother’s sake and her own sake. Nicole has achieved many great things throughout her high school career and has become a better person because of these things. After having essentially completed her high school career, Nicole has learned many things.

High school has given her a realization of real life and has made her want to be a better person. She has learned that you should not care what people think of you and she has also learned that not everyone has to like you because you can’t please everyone. Nicole may miss football games, dances, and how carefree high school is, but she is more than ready to move on with her life and start her future as a Kent State student and eventually a Kent State graduate, an art teacher, a wife, a mother, and the absolute best person she can be.

I am more than sure that all these things will come easy to her. So, Nicole, no matter where life takes you, I hope you never forget all the friends you’ve cherished, all the memories you’ve made, and all the great things you’ve done here in this simple little town of New Concord, OH at John Glenn High School, and I wish you the very best in all that you do. An unknown author once said, “I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. ”

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