Ritz Hotel

The input transforming resources such as facilities at the reception will be the reception desk, computers, telephones, the lounge and table for waiting customers. The staff will be the receptionists. The transformational process will include the analysis of guest’s request, choosing the right accommodation, charging the services and dealing with any other requests. The output of reception process is provision of accommodations to the customers and various information about the services Ritz-Carlton provides. Process of restaurant. The input transformed resources, such as materials will be food.

Information will be the number of tables booked, the number of guests which have included meals, the occupancy rate and information of any events in conference and banqueting (C&B). The customers will be leisure people, tourists, business men/women , walk-ins etc. The input transforming resources such as facilities in the restaurant will be tables, chairs, cutlery, plates, glasses etc. The staff will be F&B manager, F&B assistant manager, C&B manager, C&B assistant manager, bar manager, bar assistant manager, F&B, bar and C&B supervisors, waiters/waitresses.

The transformational process will include the preparation of food and beverages, the food service, the assistance with tables. The output of restaurant will be meals and beverages served to the customers. When looking at the case study, it is clear that Ritz-Carlton’s organisation is very well operated. This is suggested from the ‘Nancy and Harvey Heffner’ experience. ‘When the couple’s son became sick hotel staff brought him tea at all hours of night. ’ This implies that all departments (restaurant, reception, room service) were involved and worked very closely with each other to provide this service.

The feedback is very important part in the transformational process as it allows continues improvement to be made after receiving customers’ feedbacks. This therefore will inevitably minimise any complaints in the future. The examples of collecting feedback from the customers can be by surveys of departing guests, comment cards, telephone surveys, oral feedback between the customer and the staff. ‘Some 94% report that they’ve had a truly memorable experience. ’ (case study) In hotel operations there is a balance between the facilities and staff as one cannot function without another.

When looking at the model above, the transformation processes such as materials, information and customers are closely connected with the nature of its transformed input resources. Ritz-Carlton’s operations, processes their materials such as food, linen etc. in order to give services such as food serving in the restaurant to satisfy the customers. They also process and store the information in order to do the bookings, store customers’ details etc. The customer processing in Ritz is the storing or accommodating of the customers as their main objective is to place customers into the rooms they provide.

The core outputs of the transformational process of Ritz hotel are the services of accommodations. This is partly tangible product as it can only be stored for a short period of time as the room will perish if it is not occupied. RITZ-Carlton’s marketing strategies ‘A marketing strategy is the means by which a marketing objective is achieved. ’ (McDonald & Payne 1996, p. 119) There are marketing strategy steps as described by (McDonald &Payne1996, p. 132) which companies and organisations such as Ritz-Carlton hotel have to consider. They are: 1.

Policies and procedures relating to the services to be offered, such as number, quality, design, branding 2. Pricing levels to be adopted, margins and discounts 3. Advertising and sales promotion – the creative approach, type of media, amount of spend, etc. 4. What emphasis will be put on the sales approach, sales training, etc. 5. What intermediaries might be used, i. e. distribution channels 6. What customer service levels will be required 7. Specification of processes used to deliver services 8. Strategic issues relating to staff.

Ritz-Carlton is looking at the quality of their services very closely to satisfy their most demanding customers – the rich. Therefore the customer service levels have to be very high, and they have to consider the processes they use to deliver high quality services. To achieve this they will be looking at the strategic issues relating to their staff. Ritz already gives their employees trainings for them to perform with the best of their ability, but because of their nature of the business they will want to continuously improve their service.

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