Motivation Motivation can be defined as the processes that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining an organizational goal. Intensity means that amount of effort put forth to meet the goal. That means how much of the labor you put into the job to achieve the goals. Besides that, direction can be defined as the efforts are channeled toward to organizational goals. It means that their success is through leading by their supervisor or manager to achieve their goals. The persistence is how long the effort is maintained. That means how much time your labor can be maintained.

Motivation involves biological, emotional, social and cognitive forces that activate the behavior. Initiative taken by McDonald to motivate its employees(Malaysia) The initiatives taken by McDonald Malaysia to motivate its employees are McDonald Malaysia will honor special service awards to their employees who have been with the company at least five years. McDonald Malaysia will award 5th year, 10th year, 15th year, and 20th year service award to their employees. For their employees who work for 20th year in McDonald Malaysia will award a RM5, 000 cash, McDonald’s stock options, a certificate and a second sabbatical leave.

McDonald Malaysia will also award the President’s Award to a special employee and salute two employee who have shown total contribution and commitment in their work during the year with the “Best Employee Award” in every year. Besides that, McDonald Malaysia will provide training possible for their employees. In fact, they provide training is to having fulfilled certain criteria and years of working at McDonald Malaysia, employees with potential to manage restaurants will sent to Hamburger University to attend course that will help to prepare them further in restaurant and business management.

McDonald Malaysia also gives great pay and yearly increments for their employees. Then, McDonald Malaysia will provide flexible hours and scheduling to fit their employee’s needs, free medical, meals at work, opportunities for management promotion and career growth, training programmers and opportunities to learn new and different skill, and monthly employee enthusiasm activities. Initiative taken by McDonald to motivate its employees(United States) The initiatives taken by McDonald United States to motivate its employees are McDonald United States will offer medical.

They offer three Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) medical plans that use the First Health network. That has different benefit levels and pays more for in-network covered costs than out-of-network covered costs. The three plans are prescription drug program, unlimited lifetime benefit maximum and medical plans. The medical plans cover to preventive care that including annual physical exams for employees and covered family members that up to $400 per person per year, well-baby care and child immunizations and inoculations.

Besides that, McDonald United States reward vision supplement for their employee. Their employee which enrolled in one of four McDonald’s medical plans may elect the vision supplement plan which provides coverage for eyeglasses, contact lenses, a mail-order contact lens replacement program and discounts on Lasik laser vision correction surgery. McDonalds United States also have dental plan that allows employees to see the dentist of their choice and covers wide range of dental services. The preventive services which include sealants for children are cover at 90% with no deductible.

The basic and major services are cover at 80% after deductible. This plan also covers 50% of eligible orthodontia expenses for adults and children. After that, McDonalds United State has flexible spending accounts to let employees set aside pre-tax to pay for certain health care and day care expenses. Their employees can set up to $5600 in the Healthcare Spending Account for expenses that not cover or only partially cover by their medical and dental plans. McDonald’s employees will also rewarded short and long-term disability. This reward is provided at no cost to employees.

Short term disability is provides benefits if an employee cannot work for more than 10 consecutive days. For long-term disability, it coverage replaces 60% of the employee’s monthly salary while he/she is disabled. McDonalds are provide basic life insurance of two times which the employee’s base salary at no cost to the employee. Employees also can purchase additional life insurance for themselves. If an employee elects optional life insurance for himself or herself, he or she can purchase additional dependent life insurance coverage.

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance covers employees if they die or seriously injured in an accident. McDonalds provide coverage equal to two times the employee’s base salary. If the employee has additional life insurance coverage, he or she will automatically have an equal amount of optional accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage at no extra cost. McDonalds also provides travel and business travel accident insurance. They provide travel accident for two times an employee’s base salary at no cost to employees.

The travel accident insurance pays benefits in event of an accident when traveling for business or personal reasons. Depend on the employee’s position, the coverage is either $100,000 or $200,000 and is in addition to travel accident coverage. Pay system for McDonalds is in salary and pay rates. Most McDonald’s pay their employees every other week. The motivating factors in McDonalds is working in McDonald is not very stressed and anxious. When there was free in McDonalds, the employees would clean their stations, chat with other employees or get drink from the soda fountain.

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