Journal 22

Hanoy Urtarte
IST 123 68T
Prof. Dawli
10/29/15Reading Plan: Step 2
Give Fear the Finger’s main idea is try to see the light in a dark situation. The story started with sharing a situation that John Gleeson, a triathlon competitor, which got into an accident and broke bones everywhere in his body. He started his life again in 2009 when he just got back into his profession at Bank of America but it was not the same. He would make his way to work on a few hours before his shift but after his accident he had to get up at 5AM to make it on time. Although the struggle was real, he did not like just sitting down and not doing anything, he decided to go out and run! He started to run for 5-K and 10-K’s just to build up the strength to get back to marathons. However, he never let go of his motivation it was always there and he knew he was not fast enough, runners ran passed him but he was not into winning just the vibe. He knew talent was just over-rated because he’s used to anyone being possible for anything! He’s seen ironmen in different shapes and sizes. An ironman is the winner of an ironman triathlon, which is a triathlon race of 2.4-mile swimming, a 112-mile bicycle riding and a marathon 26.2-mile running, raced in that order and without a break. What is willpower? Oh Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, PhD., tells the reader what willpower really is! She says “willpower is not just a thing you have or don’t have, Willpower needs help.” She gives an example about her friend that stood strong during every meal to lose weight for his HS Reunion but sure gained it right back after. She says a breakthrough is not just about will, it’s also about skill. She did a research on how people only believe willpower is limited when that person believes it is limited; you just have to give it its boost. Even though you can give someone props for actually having the will power to do whatever, it is motivation that keeps that willpower there. Edward Deci, PhD., developed a…

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