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ISCOM 424 Week 1 Individual Assignment Supply Chain Visual RepresentationFor more course tutorials visit
www.uoptutorial.comResource: The Virtual Organization of Riordan Manufacturing
Research the following aspects of Riordan Manufacturing:
• Operations
• Divisions
• Products and services
Create a visual representation—such as a graph, chart, or diagram—that illustrates Riordan’s supply chain. This visual representation should provide an overview and a strong understanding of supply chain operations and the flow of these operations within Riordan Manufacturing. Include the following items:
• Riordan’s functions and operations
• Riordan’s customer and supplier relationship
• External divisions and their purpose
• The upstream and downstream flow of information, physical materials or services, and moneyBe sure to cite at least two sources in the paper
Properly cite your references—————————————————————————————————————————————————————ISCOM 424 Week 2 Individual Assignment Supply Chain Management Strategy Training DocumentFor more course tutorials visit
Write a 500- to 700-word paper explaining supply chain management strategy to new hires at Riordan’s operation in Hangzhou, China. The new hires may or may not deal directly with the supply chain. Your paper must cover the following topics:
• Supply chain management theory
• Competitive strategy
• Customer fulfillment strategy
• Process thinkingFormat your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Be sure to cite at least two sources in the paperA Turnitin Plagiarism Check ReportProperly cite your references———————————————————————————————————————————————————-ISCOM 424 Week 3 Individual Assignment Statement of Professional Ethics…

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