Individual Privacy vs. National Security

The problem is we don’t live in a perfect world, only one that is full of hate, crime and violence. It is the nation’s job to keep our country safe and reduce the number of mishaps. This is where the line of conflict comes into play. Citizens who say our country is too hard with national security are only viewing our country and its safety through the positive sides and upcomings. This also depends on where a person lives, what is the crime rate in their area, and their personal or close by experiences. A person from a upper class neighborhood may feel that national security is good and that they have all the privacy they need.

The reason why is because they don’t witness much crime and wrong doings. A person who lives in a lower class area may feel that our security is not good enough. The reason being is that they don’t feel safe even in their own homes. The opinion also weighs on the lifestyle and character of a person. Compare a doctor to a drug dealer. The doctor will most likely be all for tighter security. The drug dealer will say our security is too tight, because he wants more freedom to keep doing his illegal doings. The main question would be which one is more important. Individual privacy is important because everyone wants their own space.

Somewhere they feel is the safest place on Earth, where no one will ever harm them at. For example, a person should be able to go home after work and have an intimate conversation or experience with their loved one, and no one should be able to interrupt if they want to be private. People should be able to hold secrets if they want to, have personal conversations with their information only reaching the ones they want it too. Our public places are very strict on their security procedures now. So what someone wants to pack a sandwich and hide it in their purse or wants to carry toothpaste in their carry-on bag for when they fly.

Though if we let up, more than toothpaste or sandwiches may slip through in a bag or someone’s luggage. It could be a gun or a knife. Our national security is a system built on past experiences and stops to possible future tragedies. Privacy is respected and for the most part, our citizens have it, but national security is set in place to make sure the citizens can continue to have that privacy in peace. Think about the benefits of having one over the other. If we gave everyone full privacy, there is no telling what could happen. There could be a world rebellion about to happen and the government would never know.

There would be terrorist plots and hierarchies formed. Accountability of our citizens could be tragic. If we gave everyone full freedom then there would be no organization. People would do anything they want and could possibly get away with illegal activities. Having a strict National Security would reduce the numbers dramatically when it comes to our crime rate. The country would be almost crime free. The only problem is that the government would know everyone’s every move. Having no freedom would turn our country into more of a dictatorship. Reason being is that the government would be able to control our every move.

Our National Security has tightened massively in the past decade. The main reason has been because of terrorist acts. One of the most dramatic events happened September 11, 2001. Foreign terrorists hijacked a couple of our planes and crashed them into the twin towers. They were successful in killing thousands and mortifying our citizens and close families and friends for years and years to come. We would never know, but what if our country implemented the same security measures that we usew now? Would it have happened? Events like this is what forces our government to tighten our security even more.

It is not to invade our privacy, it is too protect our nation. The increase in terrorism will always affect the National Security of any nation. Every incident causes our nation to find a solution so that, that very incident won’t happen again. With terrorism, our National Security always needs to get tighter. Without security terrorism would continue to rise and haunt our citizens. Terrorism could take our nation down if allowed. Our country is the greatest on board and our government should take every measure to protect the nation. Security in itself is the protection of values within society (Zanotti 1/22/2009).

No matter which way it goes, the government will always be held accountable for the security of our nation. With this pressure, there are antics and precautions that cause our government to take certain measures. There are polls that are taken by citizens every year. A large percentage of the people who take the poll say that their biggest fears are acts of terrorism and higher crime rates. Our citizens love their privacy and would love to have more of it, but no one would mind putting their privacy backseat in order to keep our nation safe and one of the top in the world.

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