Humans values in the 21st century

In order to rule over the nature, you must obey it.
(Francis Beckon)

Today we more often appeal to common to all mankind problems such as Man and his place in this world. We turn our look back, apply to knowledge of the past; reappraisal at values is becoming – it returns us in the 18th century and helps to find common problems.
Mutual relation between human and society, private and general, coexistence of cultural and man’s values, role of the civilization are the main problems of the Age of the Enlightenment.
In my view, long since NATURE was a source of life for people, someone was afraid of it and simultaneously worship. It is one of the main human values, which God gave side by side with life. In present time relationships between us have reached a deadlock. Now we don’t exhaust bowels of the earth, don’t tread on natures toes, wholly we step back, making desperate attempts to save what has remained.
Since early 20-30s Man has glorified gigantic constructions, grandiose projects, based on slogan: “We can’t wait for favors from nature, our aim is to take them from her.” All of it, has ultimately, led to devastation and catastrophe in the country. “What I can say, it was a war, another civil war against our own fields and rivers, values and sacred objects”, wrote Valentine Rasputin.
Human in the 21st century articulates himself from surrounding natural world, roared under her, broke with blood ties; forgot cautions and behests by thinkers of the past. Merely essence laws are unalterable, firmness, only they can change the fortunes of the human race. Famous philosophers of the Age of the Enlightenment Gann Gawk Russo and Deny Deidre thought that human’s laws are fair when they conform to natural. Studying yourself, we get to know the world and inside out.
“21st century must become a century of humanity, must draw to Man…

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