The people have been using transportation in order to travel from one place to another since ancient times. At that time simple transportation forms existed. But in the 19th century the steam power engines, and lately diesel powered engines were invented. The speed became one of the most important factors in transportation. Transportation in its simple meaning is to carry passengers from one point to another. When transportation is considered from tourism frame, it simply refers to carrying tourists from their place of living to the place where the tourist products are introduced to them. The travel and tourism experience of tourists and the ideas about tourism products start and end with transportation. That is why it is impossible to consider tourism without transportation .The development of transportation, transportation vehicles, infrastructure and using new technologies in this sector speed up the development of tourism. Switzerland is a perfect example of a developed tourist country. For several centuries now, Switzerland has been a highly-rated destination, especially amongst those with the requisite purchasing power. As early the beauty of the Alps was being admired by travellers from all over Europe. At next, it was mainly British visitors who enjoyed discovering Switzerland and who were the first to make the ascent of the Alpine peaks. The Germans, keen to find cooler weather in the heat of summer, became frequent visitors as of the early 2oth century. These developments were furthered by a whole series of innovations such as the rail system and rack railways, luxury hotels and winter sports, all of which resulted in there being a genuine winter season. Switzerland can justifiably be said to be the birthplace of modern tourism.Methodology.
Data And Sources:
The present study is conducted on the tourists’ inflow and means of tourism transport in Switzerland. The study is based on some primary & secondary data which have…

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