Florida State University essay

Tramaine Walker
Aug. 30th, 2015

Growing up I didn’t have a normal childhood. By the age of seven my mom, little sisters, and, I became homeless. We were homeless for about a year. Most days we never knew where our next meal would be coming from. After a year of being homeless my sisters and I were placed into foster care. We were in four different foster homes in two years of being in the foster care system. While in foster care I went through a stage of deep depression and chose death over life. I attempted to commit suicide but I said to myself that I can’t leave my little sisters. I can’t just give up on life because it’s a little hard. After our second year of going from foster home to foster home my father was informed that I was in the foster system and he wanted me to live with him. So before I made the decision to go with him in Florida or stay in Georgia, I talked to my sisters. They told that I should go with my dad because I took care of them and they thanked me for it but I didn’t want to leave them. When I finally did leave Georgia to move to Florida my two little sisters were adopted by an amazing family and I talked to them almost every day. By me being put in the situations I have been through in my life. It has taught me a lot. I learned that I should never give up on life, never give up on family, and never give up on my dreams. That’s why I chose Florida State to be the university I want to attend because it will teach me that accomplishing my dreams is possible and will happen if I put my mind on it.

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