Factors Related to the Academic Performance

Academic performance finds its way in all aspects of life. It plays a vital role in the achievement and progress of one’s life. It is a means to have a great access for better careers. Over the past decade, there has been a decline in the quality of academic achievement of student entering college (McDonald, 1993) Most instructors are complaining that these students are not that well prepared with regard to specific knowledge and study strategies (Briggs, et.

Al. 1993) the desire to raise academic performance for students to acquire other competencies creates substantial challenges for educators (Stasz & Brewer, 1998) An understanding of hindrances to the performances of one’s individual is a key to success. It may pursue a significant result or may add into its development. The study of Ceniza (1986) proved the impact of socio-economic and cultural development in the scholastic performance of students.

I n her study, she pointed out that socio-economic status of parents of the students has a direct bearing on the educational achievement of the students. Those who are in the upper socio-economic bracket have achieved better scholastic achievement. Academic performance is not only dependent upon the student’s intelligence but is also enhanced by some factors related to performance in the school. Moreover, the performance Of students is associated with varied factors.

The Dee Hwa Liong College Foundation as an educational institution firmly believes that education is a very important instrument in the improvement of quality of lives of people. everyone who seeks entrance to a certain college expects that this institution will provide the training from where an economically stable society takes off and develops. Since every school of learning aims to assist students, improve academic performance.

The Dee Hwa Liong College Foundation envisioned to become a center for educational services to the youth and to develop them to the fullest by equipping them with knowledge, skills, value and attitudes necessary for their active and participation in a just and humane society. Its responsibility to help the students improve their academic performance to insure success in life is its major commitment . It is along this line that a research is conducted to help school find ways to improve academic performance. This will also help promote a good image for the school.

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