Eye In The Sky

I saw Eye In The Sky with Nashville School Of The Arts back in October at TPAC. I want to say the actors were foreign, but I can not make that assumption fully, considering they did not speak during the play. The play was a beautiful story told through body movement, acrobatics,colors, and music. It was about an immigrant who came to America after she lost her husband and family in the war, and she just can not seem to find herself at home. The play starts out as the immigrant’s family sends her off on her way on a plane, then she ends up in America. The immigrant played piano, but some thugs stole her sheet music. Then a little boy, who is having trouble with his parents divorce, gets it back for her. Throughout the whole play she has flashbacks and memories of nostalgic moments in her life, and shows how she lost her husband and family, in the end she is finally at peace with her heart.

One of my favorite parts of the play was when the gang took her sheet music and was playing keep away with it with the boy whose parents are having trouble. I liked it so much because the acrobatics in that scene were outstanding. It really showed what was happening and the music made it even better. Their movements really gestured their characters quite well. My second favorite part was when the immigrant was sleeping. She was asleep on the bench and starting dreaming about her loved ones who have passed away. In her dream they dance with her and carry her away, it was beautiful. What amazed me was when she walked on their hands and it looked like she was actually walking, it takes a lot of balance and strength to achieve that. Personally, that scene was very touching. In the end they all kiss her goodnight and I thought that was somewhat of a sign of closure for her. Also the effects that they had for the sky in the background were really awesome.I think the audience was very attentive and in awe just like me. It was hard not to be interested with so much movement and…

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