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Marcia Winter Agency Visit Agency’s Name Crystal Monarch is a youth center that recently opened up in Pocatello Idaho. The main focus of the center is to help youth ranging in age from 12 to 25. They hold special events and have an after-school program that helps teenagers explore different aspects and learn new skills. The agency realizes the need for a variety of programs and educational opportunities. This is why the agency has set up several program ranging for business management, music, and agricultural.

The agency is a Christian-based agency and receives its funding from private donations and fund raising. Name and position of contact Mary Frangesh was the person I interviewed she is the president and coordinator of the facility; she is also part owner in the center. Date of interview October 6, 2011 Services Provided by the Agency Crystal Monarch provides many services some are: counseling by a licensed counselor, job training, and educational activities; all services provided are Christian based. Population Served

The number of people who come into the facility on a daily bases is about 100, but on special events it can range from 300-500 give or take a few. Crystal Monarch is open to junior high children, High school children, and young adults. General ethical dilemmas Making sure there is no misconduct going on, by this I mean couples cannot sneak off to a quit place, and there is no drug use going on and no harassment of any kind. This can be a big problem with the type of children who will be coming to the facility so you want to nip it in the bud before t gets out of hand.

Ethical Dilemmas of specific services Crystal Monarch deals with all type of teens and young adults I think the biggest ethical dilemma faced is that there is no discrimination in any of the different programs. If a child is in counseling it is kept in confidentual and nothing is reviled unless the child says it can be. Most of these children are from low income families and most of them will have trouble and need to talk to someone at some point so it is important to have a counselor there just in case. Legal Requirements

The legal requirements for opening a small business in Idaho is; File Articles of Incorporation with the Idaho Secretary of State. This document legally creates your organization. The next step is to; Obtain an EIN number from the IRS you will need this number to open a bank account, file taxes exemptions, file employee taxes you can obtain this number by contacting the IRS in your area. You also have to register your new business with the State Tax Commission if you are going to have paid employees. You also have to get liability insurance for employees and the teens and people who will be in the facility.

These requirements are not hard to get they are just time consuming. (Idaho Nonprofit Center, 2011) Compliance with legal requirements The best way to make sure you have all the licenses and insurances needed to open is to make sure you are ready and have the licenses required prior to your opening day. Also you need to make sure the insurance is liable, and there is enough coverage to cover any accidents that may occur. Resolving ethical dilemmas When an ethical dilemma arises, and it will, it is important to get both sides of the dilemma.

The next step would be to talk to the person and explain to him/her what the ethics code states. This may be a case of misunderstanding, if it is a serious violation tell them if it happens again it may be reason for termination, and they could be band from coming to the facility. If this is a teen or young adult, and they are doing drugs or drinking, if they are over 21 tell them to please leave. If they are under 21 the alcohol will be confiscated and authorities will be called and they will be banned from participating in any activities.

Mary also stated “When running a teen center it is very important to have plenty of staff and volunteers so that every area is covered this will help to make sure nothing bad happens. ” She went on to say that at big events she makes sure exits are covered by at least one adult and the bathrooms have a male and female that stands at the door to make sure no problems arise. This may seem drastic to some but as Mary puts it she would rather be safe then have something happen. Collecting information When it comes to collecting information the center itself does not collect personal information unless, they have trouble with someone.

The counselor collects information on his/her clients only and keeps it in a locked file cabinet. It is encouraged for the employees and volunteers to get to know the clients and keep mental notes on those who come back on a regular base. Other than this there is no record of who comes or goes. Challenges Facing the Human Services Profession The challenges facing the Human Service profession today are different from what they were a decade ago. The biggest challenge is the budget cuts the government has been doing, and the cut back on the programs.

Human service workers have to be very creative in the programs they implement and stick to a strict budget. Another problem would be the type of teens we deal with today and the problems they face. There is more drugs out there then there was ten years ago, and they are more harmful and addictive. The teens of today are using household things and inventing ways to escape the problems they face. There is skepticism of why the teens do this, some say it is the economy, other say it is because the parents are in denial, yet others think it is because the teens of today have too much time on their hands.

I feel it is a little of all of these things combined. The youth center is set up so it will give the teens something to do while teaching them a skill, so they can set and accomplish their goals in life. The biggest challenge of running a youth center is to make sure everyone is safe and has fun learning different skills. Additional Information When running a youth center you have to be one step ahead of the game, when hosting events plan for everything that could go wrong, and make sure you have enough staff to cover all areas.

This way you can stop the bad before it ever stops. When hiring volunteers make sure they understand the rules and can strictly follow them in other words be tough if needed. It is very important to have a code of ethics and that the people involved in the running of the youth center and special events understands the code and can follow it.

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