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COMM 470 Entire CourseFOR MORE CLASSES VISITwww.comm470nerd.comCOMM 470 Week 1 Individual Assignment Analyzing Messages PaperCOMM 470 Week 1 DQ 1COMM 470 Week 1 DQ 2COMM 470 Week 1 DQ 3COMM 470 Week 2 Individual Assignment Online versus print marketing paperCOMM 470 Week 2 DQ 1COMM 470 Week 2 DQ 2COMM 470 Week 2 DQ 3COMM 470 Week 3 Individual Assignment Website AnalysisCOMM 470 Week 3 DQ 1COMM 470 Week 3 DQ 2COMM 470 Week 3 DQ 3COMM 470 Week 4 Team Assignment Communication Consultants PresentationCOMM 470 Week 4 DQ 1COMM 470 Week 4 DQ 2COMM 470 Week 4 DQ 3COMM 470 Week 5 Team Assignment Social Media Tools in Ecommerce?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?— -COMM 470 Week 1 DQ 1FOR MORE CLASSES VISITwww.comm470nerd.comChapter 1 of Electronic Commerce 2008 introduces a number of distinctions between different types of organizations and activities related to the virtual economy?—?e-commerce versus e-business, for example. How and where are these distinctions useful
?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?— -COMM 470 Week 1 DQ 2FOR MORE CLASSES VISITwww.comm470nerd.comAs Chapter 2 of Electronic Commerce 2008 indicates, e-commerce changes the role of information in business. Information costs are lower, and more information is available. What are ways this changes the nature of business communication
?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?—?-COMM 470 Week 1 DQ 3FOR MORE CLASSES VISITwww.comm470nerd.comHow might the communications needs of a virtual worker differ from those of a more traditional office worker? Based on these needs, how would you structure various types of communications?—?memo, voice mail message, and so forth?—?for a virtual worker? Discusshow a manager’s style might need to change if he or she supervises a virtual staff….

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