Causes of Economic Problems in Peru

Peru has a population of about twenty-nine million people. About twelve million people in Peru live on less than two dollars a day. Three million of them live in extreme poverty. Many people die and get ill because they eat the rests of food from other people’s garbage and some days, they don’t even eat anything. This drastic situation in Peru is caused mainly by three factors. These factors are individual, geographic and political problems. The purpose of this essay is to analyze these three main causes of poverty in Peru.

The first cause of poverty in Peru is the individual condition. This factor is about some characteristics of poor people. For example, their knowledge or education, skill, intelligence, health all of this has an influence on poverty. The lack of education is one of the most significant causes that increase poverty in Peru. There is no access to jobs for non-educated people. The second cause of poverty has to do with geography. For example, internet statistics show that people who live in rural areas far away from the capital and cities are poorer.

This is caused by the lack of communication and transportation in rural areas. Because of this, governments cannot provide services such as potable water, affordable food, health care, and education. People who live there are disconnected from the rest of the society. The third and most significant cause of poverty in Peru is the political economy of the country. For example, the government focuses and spends most money in the capital of Peru, Lima. The government barely helps the people who really need it in the rural areas.

A new president is elected every five years and some decreased the poverty percentage in Peru, but the poverty rate is still very high. In conclusion, unless the Peruvian government and the president work on the causes of the poverty which are the individual condition, the geographic factor, and the political economy of the country, the poverty rate will increase. This situation is difficult to improve since most people in the government are corrupted. Most Peruvians know that people in the government get paid too much and make too little benefits for their country.

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