Business Research

Week Two Reflection For Team A pg. 1 Week Two Reflection For Team A Week Two Reflection For Team A pg. 2 Team A learned many new things about business research in week one. We learned how to recognize situations that need to be addressed. We learned how to determine the significance, magnitude, and feasibility of finding a solution to the situation, problem, issue or opportunity. We also learned much about ethical research. In week one as a team we learned about the different ways to recognize and find solutions for situations, problems, issues, and opportunities.

We also identified ethical issues in business research and discussed the business research process. Recognizing a situation as a manager that needs addressing is a function that must be done in order to run a successful business. When finding a problem, knowing the steps to help you find a solution is the best way to gain the results you are after. These steps are manager questions, research questions, investigative questions and measurement questions.

In a given situation it’s important to find solutions or gain from an opportunity. Decision making is important because a team must decide how it will approach the situation and gain from the opportunity. Without using decision making tools the team wouldn’t have alternate choices to consider and the problem wouldn’t get fixed. As a business situation to finding a solution to this situation, you find out what the problem, the issue, and what the opportunity is and can be to this business.

In the first week of class we learned about the scientific method on business research which helps to find reasons, fact and evidence to help improve the thinking habit, direct observation of phenomena, defined variables and self-correcting process. The business research process is important because it helps find conclusion, evaluate, experiment and resolve problems. While much was learned in week one all of the team members of Team A look forward to everything it can gain from this class and its team efforts. We have only scratched the surface to business research and are excited to see what else this class will teach it.

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