Business Assignment Case 1

Justin Caldwell
Management, Ethics, and Society
Case Study 1
1. Monsanto has maintained some ethical culture to respond to most of the various stakeholders, but they also don’t have ethical culture as well. Within the companies past history, they were fined for the Agent Orange incident that was found from the Vietnam War and caused them to look bad. Monsanto now looks to be doing well for themselves, and has brought up new biotechnology products to keep the consumers and stakeholders at their door.
2. There is some sort of benefits for growing the GM crops, and as that is said there is also negative consequences for using them as well. Benefits of using the crops means that there will be more crops to grow at a faster rate without any problems (insects, weeds, etc.), the company will be able to conserve more of their resources, and it can also improve the lives of the farmers that use the GM seeds. The negatives of using this product could be a health risk within the food (herbicides, pesticides, etc.) for the humans and animals. Another negative could be a lawsuit for such health risks within the future that can bring the company to a halt.
3. I think that Monsanto should try and do some more research on the ingredients that may harm other plants and animals within the product of Roundup. If they are able to find the ingredient that is harmful to the plants and animals, then they should find a substitute for that ingredient that isn’t as bad. Monsanto should also consider not using the product if it is too harmful to the environment for them to use.

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