BUS 475 Entire Course

BUS 475 Entire Course
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BUS 475 Week 1
Select a small business that you may want to start. What is strategic management and planning? Why would a strategic plan be important to the success of this business? How are the four functions of management relative to creating and implementing a strategic planBUS 475 Week 2
• What is a SWOTT analysis? What is its purpose in strategic planning? Must you conduct a SWOTT analysis to have an effective strategic plan? Why or why notBUS 475 Week 2 Individual Assignment – Strategic Plan, Part I- Conceptualizing a Business
• Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you explain the importance of your selected business’s vision, mission, and values in determining your strategic direction. Include the following:
o Define your business, products or services, and customers by developing a mission statement. Ensure that you are differentiating your product or service.
o Create a vision for this organization that clearly demonstrates your decision on what you want your business to become in the future.
o Define your guiding principles or values for your selected business considering the topics of culture, social responsibility, and ethics.
o Analyze how the vision, mission, and values guide the organization’s strategic direction.
o Evaluate how the organization addresses customer needs and critique how they achieve competitive advantage.
BUS 475 Week 2 Summary
BUS 475 Week 2 Summary
BUS 475 Week 2 Team Assignment – Value Alignment
• Discuss with your Learning Team an existing organization with which you are familiar that is different than the one you used for the…

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