BA 265 Final Exam Solutions

BA 265 Final Exam Solutions
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BA 265 Final Exam Solutions
1.The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service issues a rule. Like the rules of other federal administrative agencies, this rule is compiled in
A) the Administrative Register of the Federal Government.
B) the United States Code.
C) the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
D) the Code of Federal Regulations.2.A contract that by its own terms cannot be performed within a year must be in writing to be enforceable.
A) True
B) False3.The term cure refers to the right of the seller to adjust or replace nonconforming goods.
A) True
B) False4.Parker, a salesperson for Quality Textiles, Inc., shows Rosa, a fabric buyer for Style Clothing Company, samples of cloth, stating that any shipment will match the samples. This statement is
A) an implied warranty.
B) an express warranty.
C) a warranty of title.
D) puffery.5.To obtain a contract with the Chinese government, Digby Engineering Corporation a U.S. firm, gives a Chinese official a sport utility vehicle. This may violate
A) the act of state doctrine.
B) the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
C) the doctrine of sovereign immunity.
D) the principle of comity.6.The basic purpose of antitrust law is to regulate economic competition.
A) True
B) False7.Chiang Ltd., a Chinese firm, imports its goods into the United States and offers those goods for sale at “less than fair value.” This is
A) dumping.
B) confiscation.
C) defalcation.
D) expropriation.8.The United States and other members of a certain organization agree to grant normal trade relations status on each other with regard to imports and exports. This organization is

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