Should Animals Stay Wild? Felix, David
Period. 4 I always wanted to be a zookeeper since I was six but until I found out the reality behind zoos. A good man once said “Truth is scarier than fiction” and it is true, as we learn more want zoos really do. I going Do zoos really animals treat inhumane. Why should care for animals? However, there lays a bigger question “Should wildlife stay wild animals” It seems that zoos like to say they are helping animals and making sure, they are treated humane. However, in the article “Zoo: Myth and Reality” it said “Yet with an estimated 10,000 organized zoo worldwide, representing tens of thousands of human workers and billions of dollars in operating budgets, only a tiny percentage allocate the resources necessary to participate in captive propagation initiatives, and fewer still provide any real support”. It seems that zoos keep a lot of money and only put a tiny amount goes to animals. Why would zoo do this? If they are called a “Zoo,” it will look like they would put the profit to the animals.
More and more zoo not only putting profit first before animals they also give animals a life of depression and misery. Study show that animals can suffer physical, mentally, and emotionally and can be “snapped” and possibly hurt someone. It prove that animals need to be let free or need to be treated humane.
However, let us not say that zoos are not money hungering greedy people. They probably save endangered animals or make a population so that can release the animal population to the wild. Zoos can teach about what does an animal do? in addition, to motivate the general public to be involved in wildlife conservation. Some zoo actually add amazing habits so that animals can feel that they are in they own natural habit.
But, It doesn’t exclude the fact that zoos and other wildlife conservations record that in the article its said that “Only 16 species have established self-sustaining…

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