Advertising Strategy and Marketing Goals

Discuss the company’s advertising strategy and how it aligns with its marketing goals. Beginning the process of creating advertising, it is important to decide which consumer markets should reach. Lane Bryant will have a broad appeal; however it is still going to identify the primary focus. Preferably, Lane Bryant primary market is that of consumers who will become the foundation client base and provide stability to the sales determination. Using the right tools at the right time and in the right place, the advertising will build demand for products and services, leading to increased sales as well as consumer attentiveness.

Demographics the retail clothing store may have to do with location, age, gender, or some other characteristic that would apply to a significantly large customer base. Lane Bryant will use as much internet advertisement as possible because it’s free, also it can reach the target consumers. Internet advertising has become the ultimate way to reach a number of consumer markets with relatively little expense involved. Lane Bryant would not use the same type of wording in advertising retail clothing store as a company would for advertisement for garden tools.

This clothing store intends on using words that will immediately grab and hold the attention of prospective buyers. Lane Bryant will also use any visual elements that will allow the products to connect with the essential consumer market which is unusually important. This will be a good advertising strategy which is intended to help a company reach specific goals in terms of market share and specific types of consumers. Alignment behind this strategy is just as critical as the strategy itself mainly because in 2012 marketers are confronted with an infinite number of ways to reach their target. . Discuss how the effectiveness of the advertising will be measured. In the advertising world it has become necessary to use ads that appeal to your target audience. Effective ads lure potential consumers into a store to purchase the goods for sale. As with Lane Bryant, many look at advertising, and the ads very well could be, the deciding factor in their decision to purchase clothing. The Lane Bryant Corporation attempts to attract the full-figured, plus-size woman but seems to fall short with the current advertising practices.

Through these shortcomings, the need for improvement prevails. Lane Bryant advertising hinders possible buyers from purchasing the clothing line due to the fictitious representation of clothing by the models used. I plan to convince you to change your current practices and consider some of the other possibilities available. Lane Bryant Inc. needs to revise the current advertising practices, by using a larger variety of models, so that they appeal to the targeted audience. 3. Discuss the promotional strategies that may be used in addition to advertising.

The fashion retail industry has a reputation for rewarding the trendy and dismissing the established or traditional, watch any reality show on Bravo or the CW for examples of such behaviors. Any business, however, that can enjoy longevity and sustained success has either defined and dominated a market segment by understanding and listening to its needs or embraced a culture of innovation – regardless of passing trends. Lane Bryant, the plus-sized women’s retailer, has done both.

Since the company’s humble beginnings more than 100 years ago, from single store front to mail order catalog to an online store, Lane Bryant has consistently been at the forefront of supplying the market’s needs (in this case, plus-sized women), liberating women by embracing their curves and providing real-world clothing solutions to become the dominant force in plus-sized women’s fashion. In 2008, when Lane Bryant decided the time was right to go mobile, it looked to a dominant force to collaborate with in the world of mobile marketing, Smart Reply.

Smart Reply was already a trusted provider of voice marketing solutions to the retailer, and had an excellent track record of running successful campaigns so the choice was an easy one for Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant approached SmartReply Inc. , a leading voice in mobile marketing solutions to many of the nation’s top retailers, to partner, develop and implement a comprehensive and innovative mobile campaign. Through its knowledge of voice, IVR and mobile marketing strategies, the company has consistently helped clients achieve outstanding results in new media and markets, netting many industry awards.

In Smart Reply, Lane Bryant found an innovative partner with the experience and know-how to take Lane Bryant’s new marketing campaign to a new level – via mobile. 4. Develop an approach to measuring customer satisfaction with your company’s product/service. A Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) quantifies the level of profitability satisfaction of a particular customer base and specifies the impact of that satisfaction on the chosen measure(s) of economic performance.

The CSI provides a baseline for determining whether the marketplace is becoming more or less satisfied with the quality of products or services provided by individual industry or company. 5. Discuss how gaps in customer expectations and experiences will be addressed. Gap analysis generally refers to the activity of studying the differences between standards and the delivery of those standards. Delivering a quality service is an essential strategy for success and survival in any organization.

In order to improve their services, many organizations have introduced quality measures. Internal quality based on conformance to specifications External quality based on customer-perceived quality. Gain competitive advantage, maintain loyalty Increase value (may permit higher margins) Improve profits. Inadequate marketing research orientation •Lack of upward communication •Insufficient relationship focus •Inadequate service recovery Company Perceptions of Customer Expectations

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